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Peanut Butter Cup #2 mixed drink recipe

Quick mixed drinks bartending tips: Making Sour Mix and Sweetened Lime Juice: Whenever a drink calls for sour mix or sweetened lime juice (like Rose’s Lime Juice), you can substitute home-made sour mix or home-made sweetened lime juice for the store-bought kind to great effect. Sour Mix is made by mixing about eight ounces of lemon juice with two tablespoons of sugar. Sweetened Lime Juice is made the same way, but with lime juice. Read more – View How To Make Peanut Butter Cup #2 mixed drink

3 oz Frangelico® hazelnut liqueur
2 oz DeKuyper® Buttershots liqueur
2 oz Godiva® chocolate liqueur
2 oz half-and-half

Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice, shake, strain into an old-fashioned glass straight up or on the rocks.

(Note: you can substitute any chocolate liqueur for the Godiva including dark creme de cacao, Vermeer, Bailey’s Irish cream, or Cask & Creme Chocolate Temptation. If you use a cream liqueur you can cut down on the half and half.)

serve in Old-Fashioned Glass alcohol 0.15

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