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Vampiro mixed drink recipe

Quick mixed drinks bartending tips: 5. When the recipe calls for a twist of lemon peel, rub a narrow strip of peel around the rim of the glass. Then twist the peel so that one small drop will go into the drink. Then drop the peel. Read more – View How To Make Vampiro mixed drink

1800® Tequila
Squirt® citrus soda
Viuda de Sanchez

You can play with the proportion to your taste, but these are the portions I use for me.

In a tall Glass, first rim the Glass with Kosher Salt, add about half or more Ice, a shot or two of Good quality Tequila, squeeze a Lime add a pinch of Kosher Salt if you like now, add Squirt till about four fifths of the glass full and now depending on how spicy you want it add Viuda de Sanchez stir it and Enjoy!!!

If you can’t find Viuda de Sanchez, I’ve substituted it with a good quality Orange juice, a lime, and Pico de Gallo seasoning a good brand is Via nueva, but is won’t make your drink red like Viuda de Sanchez mix will and that’s why the drink is call Vampiro (In English it translates to Vampire) because its looks red.

serve in Highball Glass

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